In 1979, Robin Williams won a Grammy Award for Best Comedy Recording for his album, Reality... What a Concept.

Robin Williams was an expert at bending and shaping reality on stage, changing his voice and mannerisms with remarkable speed. Though this short article isn't really about Robin Williams, I just have to give the man his due: he was a genius in his field.
Creating effective, winning direct marketing copy has everything to do with reality and concepts. 

What does that mean? It means knowing the product or service completely (i.e., the more you know about it, the more real it is to you, thus "reality").
It also means knowing the prospect as well as you can, through whatever sort of research necessary. What are their attitudes or emotions about the problem that your product or service solves?

With this product and prospect knowledge, you can you easily generate concepts to describe the benefits of the product/service in ways that get the reader engaged, interested ... wanting the product or service. If you don't have a firm reality on the product/service and the prospect, your concepts are likely to be off-target—not "real" to the reader.

If that still doesn't quite make sense, look at it this way: Think about a movie you have not seen, a book you have not read or a kind of food you've never eaten. How real are these things to you? Without that reality, how can you possibly succeed in getting someone else interested in the product or service?

You would have to rely on hype and empty promises. It wouldn't work.

The Most Reality Possible

I recently wrote a marketing video script for a company that makes a line of soft-sided coolers. They provided me some info about the product and their prospect base but they also wisely sent me one of the coolers to use. This made all the difference: to have the actual item, see how it's constructed, to use it and abuse it a bit. I found things about the actual product that I liked. I got interested and excited about it myself.

I went online to where I could find out more about people who use these kinds of products. What do they say about them? What do they use them for? What do they love about them? Hate about them? 

Though I was not initially a prospect for such a product, after a while researching it, I was thinking and writing just like a die-hard soft-sided cooler devotee. 

The company loved the script I wrote for them and hired me to write several more.

When I write a marketing piece about a book or information product, I read it through several times until I know the contents as well as the person who wrote it. I get excited about it. I collect information from my client or elsewhere about their customer avatar, so I know the right emotion to emphasize.

Then I apply time-tested direct response copywriting techniques to create copy that will connect with the reader and create want for the product.

But enough about me. What are your marketing challenges? And could you inject more reality into your campaign? Let me know if I can assist you: 323-646-2469 or email me.

(Originally published on LinkedIn 3/2/15)


Writer is talking about copy writing which is very interesting topic to discuss that’s why I wanna suggest every reader to read it once but with concentration. I hope this article will enhance your knowledge if you are not aware of it.

09/14/2016 12:41am

He was really an amazing person... We're all miss him soo much...


This is such a helpful post. I am currently researching about new possible strategies for my Strategic marketing subject. We have to find or create at least 5 strategies and we have to present it to class. I have always wondered about how people react and trust products online without even seeing or feeling it first. I admire Robin Williams for this. Being a realist person in the marketing field can be really helpful today.

11/01/2016 4:12am

Let me know, if you can assist me right now! I really need your help so much now! Have some problems with that!

12/22/2016 3:00am

You are a real professional at copywriting. I always appreciate your awesome posts.

05/19/2017 9:34pm

Robin Williams will always be one of the most talented people I knew. The fact that he won a Grammy award is just a simple recognition that he's committed to everything that he does. I've heard this recording and I must say that he really deserves the award. Marketing is a big complicated world, and if you don't know how it is being there, you'll definitely get lost!


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