(or, what's copy got to do with it?)

The "wish list" of many a direct marketer probably looks something like this:

1. More sales. 

2. More customers. 

3. Umm... more conversions, sales and customers. 

Makes sense, right?

But while some direct marketers regularly have high sales and attract new customers, other marketers struggle and even fail. 

Why? Ask Bly.

In his white paper, "The 12 Most Common Direct Mail Mistakes... And How To Avoid Them," renowned direct marketer Bob Bly isolates 12 factors. Not surprisingly, seven of them are related to the copy itself. 

So, all other things (product/service, mailing list and number of mailings) being equal, the greatest difference is the copy they use in their direct marketing efforts: 

•   High-quality copy gets read. A  percentage of readers take action (make a purchase or take another desired action such as "click here" or "call now"). Life is good!

•   Poor-quality copy does not get read. Less or no action occurs. Life ain't so good.

High-quality direct response copy is effective. It grabs readers' attention right from the headline or subject line and holds it. It fires their imaginations and increases desire for the marketer's solution to their pain point or deep desire. It presents an offer that's magnetic, irresistible--so high in value and low in risk, that the reader can't not buy it. 

Hence, high-quality copy makes you more money. 

Get Better Results

If your sales or lead generation aren't as healthy as they should be, the copy is often the first place to look, especially if it was written by someone without a lot of direct response experience or training. 

If you're going to tackle it yourself, I would highly recommend studying Bly's The Copywriter's Handbook or any of Dan Kennedy's "No B.S." books on the subject. 

Or contact me and let's discuss your copy and your marketing aims and see how I might be able to help.

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10/19/2016 1:07pm

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07/17/2017 7:27pm

A high-quality copy will definitely be more enticing for the consumers than low-quality copy. That's like asking a vegetarian which he or she likes best – meat or vegetables? It's a very easy question to answer. I believe that the reason why some companies are still promoting their products or services using low-quality copy is because of the budget. Not every company has the budget to place their ads on high-quality copy like magazines in a glossy paper print. However, it would make such a difference because people do not care for low-quality copy anymore. They'd rather spend more on high-quality copy than endure having to read off of a low-quality copy. Remember, it's all about the quality and not the quantity.

11/21/2016 11:02pm

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