By now, you’ve probably heard about Meryl Streep’s speech at this past weekend’s Golden Globe awards.

On stage to accept the Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award, Streep gave a five-plus minute acceptance speech in which she positioned Hollywood against President-elect Donald Trump (and all she feels he stands for) without ever stating his name.

This post isn’t about whether I agree or disagree with her views. Because I’m a copywriter and I deal with marketing matters, this message is about what she did right in terms of marketing. (Okay, literally speaking, she was not promoting a product or service but she was promoting a certain viewpoint.)

So here it is:

1.    She communicated. First and foremost, you’ve got to put your message out there. I know of plenty of businesses that don’t market. They put an ad in the Yellow Pages and hope for the best…while they starve. The businesses and people who succeed don’t necessarily succeed because they are the best at what they do; it’s because they market consistently and effectively. They continue to communicate.

2.    She directed her message to the correct audience. You can have the highest quality ice cubes in the world but you will go out of business if you market them in Siberia. Wrong audience. Try Miami. The Hollywood movie industry is acknowledged to be largely Liberal and anti-Trump. The Golden Globes audience was mostly actors and other industry people. The perfect audience and an easy “sale” for Streep.

3.    Her speech was logically structured. Some have called it a rant but Streep’s speech was well thought-out and well paced. She started out with a reference to a comment made earlier by actor Hugh Laurie, then wove a speech which upheld the nobility of the acting profession and characterized Trump as its enemy. Streep gets bonus points for the latter because in direct marketing, you strengthen your offer when you identify your audience's enemy (and then position your product as the thing that vanquishes that enemy). A quick example of this is investment marketers, who characterize the economy or inflation as the enemy.

4.    She used emotion. Streep’s speech was dramatic. It was authentic. Before you can sell anything to anyone, you’ve got to elicit an emotion from them. Volvo did it by tapping into peoples’ insecurity and need for safety. Rolex does it by appealing to their audience’s desire for status and a feeling of power. Insurance companies use fear. Certain fashion brands use sex. 

Some of the people in the Globes audience seemed to appreciate Streep’s message while others didn’t show much enthusiasm. But in the world of direct marketing, you never get a 100 percent response. Ten percent is acceptable. Twenty-five percent is killing it. She seemed to be getting about a 40 percent response. Not too shabby.

So, whether or not you agree with her politics, from a direct marketing standpoint, she did a lot of things right. 

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03/13/2017 1:53pm

Good discussion about the Streep, speech .The points which are described here are of the vital importance . The marketing is the most important way to promote any business . Nice discussion thanks for sharing .

10/10/2017 7:00pm

We need more Merryl Streep in this world full of Donald Trump. I know that this has nothing to do with a certain business, but being able to deliver a powerful message to everyone is a great privilege. She has the power to influence through her words and that could be one of the most effective tools in changing this world. Merry serves as a perfect example of a person with principles all of us should look up to. By the way, you were so clever to come up with this assumption!

03/26/2017 3:52am

I've heard that speech of Meryll Streep. It was truly admiring how she delivered a strong message to someone without mentioning the person's name. Her message was clear, and the audience will definitely understand it. She was able to convince those people who have doubts on her. Streep is known to be good at various fields. That's why I'm not surprised with the news featuring her greatness in Golden Globe Awards.

06/21/2017 2:01pm

Brand is actually an identity of a company. It is the face of your organization by which your customers and prospects recognize you. Brand is considered as a personality of your business. It also tells about the promises that your business make to your customers and prospects.

07/02/2017 8:48pm

She really choose the right audience. Always. She targeting the right way!

08/17/2017 1:22pm

Yeah, her speech was pretty popular a couple of months ago. Do you agree with her?


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